THE CORRECT VIEWS (2/7/2014) – NSA VS 4k, Poor US, Hero FireBoy, Fuku Levels, Global Warming Facts

Greetings Unsettled Souls, ‘Tis Sam I Be Di Gangi reporting for The Media Speaks ( and today we have a lot of diverse news. We do visit our Fukushima topic again, but also delve into the NSA, Al Gore and Continue reading

Occupy vs The Tea Party: Fighting each other for the same thing

As I make more connections in the activist world and meet more and more people it seems that there are a lot of very intelligent people who have made the choice to align with one group, not the republicans or democrats, progressive Continue reading

Pictures from the NATO march on Michigan Ave. 5/19/12

Proposed Bill Makes it Illegal to Protest Government

WHY WAS THIS ALL OVER RUSSIAN NEWS AND NOT HERE? Picture from original RUSSIAN article H. R. 347 One Hundred Twelfth Congress of the United States of America AT T H E S E C O N D S E Continue reading