Sandy Hook: Facts and Misconceptions

By Kyle Phillips.

Since the shooting took place at Sandy Hook Elementary December 14th of last year, a new movement has risen called Sandy Hook Truthers. Many alternative news sites and bloggers have recently been putting out information about discrepancies in official stories, parents of victims being actors and a whole plethora of reasons why the Sandy Hook shooting was  a false flag or didn’t happen at all. So today I am going to investigate 10 facts that prove Sandy Hook was a hoax found on and get to the bottom (or as close as we can) of the Sandy Hook shooting.

(The ‘facts’ in bold have spelling errors, this is not of my doing but the original author. I did not want anyone to be able to say I changed these questions in anyway or claim any alterations on the part of changed any meaning behind the statements.)

1. There was at least 2 or 3 shooters that were also in the Sandy Hook school with Adam Lanza . Some of the video was shown on television but only 1 time and have never aired again.


In my research, I found that a second man was arrested in the woods behind the school, this man was taken in handcuffs to a squad car where he was placed in the front seat. While being walked past victims families and on lookers he was heard saying repeatedly “I didn’t do it”. This man was never charged for the shooting and his identity has not been released. It is possible that this man was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it is also important to note that Adam Lanza shot 29 people in less than 15 minutes. For someone with no background in shooting, military or police work, that type of speed and efficiency is not likely.

2. The medical examiner claimed that the children were killed with the rifle. But the rifle was found in the truck of a  Adam Lanza car. So who did all the shooting if the rifle was in the trunk of a car?  and why would  the medical examiner say that the children were killed with the rifle ?


A live feed of the police uncovering a weapon from Adam Lanzas trunk did play during coverage of the shooting, but the type of gun found is unverified and does not appear to be the Bushmaster assault rifle in question. Many gun experts have said it looks more like a shotgun but because the quality of the video is so low, the type of weapon found cannot be verified and may very well be an assault rifle.

3. Emily Parker’s  dad was laughing and smiling right before he gave an official interview on CNN. Let me ask you a question if you lost a child would you be laughing and smiling  24 hours after the death of your loved one?


Robbie Parker, father of Emily Parker was clearly laughing, joking around and smiling seconds before changing his character and becoming sad to give a speech about the Sandy Hook shooting and losing his daughter. It is possible that Robbie was just in a very weird emotional state after the loss, and that his laughing and joking was a coping mechanism. Even then, its still pretty messed up.

4. Who created the Emily Parker Fan page  on Dec 14th just a few hours before the shooting. I just want to know what kind of a person makes a Facebook Fund Page while their child in in the school on a lock-down yet they still didn’t know the condition of their daughter? she was not even confirmed dead yet…. i smell BS


Although I have not been able to verify that the donation page for Emily Parker’s family was created hours before the shooting, I was able to verify that is was created the day of. It has however been verified that a Facebook page named RIP Victoria Soto was created 4 days in advance of her death.

5. Why are all the parents in the interviews are either smiling or have a guilty smirk on their faces days after their children were killed? is that an act of a grieving parent or an actor?


The only verified case of a parent smiling in a way that seems suspect is the aforementioned Robbie Parker, I have not been able to find any other interviews where the parent seems to be smiling or acting in anyway that is specifically suspect.

6. This is a REAL Site !!! (Referring to


Although I can verify that this site exists just as any of you reading can by clicking the link, it does not prove any relation between the site and the shooting at Sandy Hook, crisis actors are often used in police and military training which is a whole other (totally valid) conversation. Until someone finds a picture of someone from Sandy Hook on the site, I’m not going to consider this websites existence a valid argument for the topic at hand.

7. Very strange behavior of the Medical Examiner ( he seems more of an actor then a medical examiner) he seems to find the situation quiet funny.


I have met some pretty weird people in my life, many of the people I must interact with on a daily basis have what I would call “strange behavior”. Considering that this guy looks at dead bodies for a good portion of his day and has not been acclimated to being on camera, I don’t think there is enough here to spark up a debate. People are Strange, especially when you’re a stranger.

8. What do September 11th  and 7 July 2005 London bombings  and Sandy Hook shooting have in common? The different version of Homeland security were running simultaneous drills as all those 3 events took place on the same dates… Ironic? Or planned out ? You have to do your own thinking here,  but its very clear what is happening to here anyone who has done their research.


It has been confirmed that a drill was taking place at a nearby school for a shooter on scene scenario, it has also been confirmed that Sandy Hook had very recently done its annual school evacuation drill. While this does not prove anything specifically, simultaneous drills are indicative of false flags.

9. Victoria Soto Facebook Page was created 4 days before the Sandy Hook shooting. Also “Our Heart are with Sandy Hook” was created 3 days before the shooting. The website “Sandy Hook Elementary Victims Fund” was created 1 days before the Sandy Hook shooting.  


While the Victoria Soto page has been confirmed the exact times of the rest cannot be verified. This doesn’t mean the information is not true, I was just not able to verify it as fact.

10. Media frenzy to ban all guns across the U.S.A destroying the 2nd Constitutional Amendment


Although terribly worded, no research is needed to confirm this fact. Since the shootings at Sandy Hook and in Aurora Colorado, the media and liberal politicians have been doing everything in their power to limit gun ownership in The United States. Illinois attempted an all out ban on modern firearms and is still fighting to stop conceal and carry from entering the state, while federal politicians are pushing to make military style arms and extended clips illegal.


4 thoughts on “Sandy Hook: Facts and Misconceptions

  1. I absolutely could not believe the dad laughing before his interview and then drastically becoming sad. What the hell was that???

  2. It’s too bad these beautiful children were taken from us, and its even more deviating that you freaks are still alive. You should be ashamed of yourselves. But your too stupid to realize how increadblly wrong you are!

    • It’s funny how this article didn’t really take a specific stance but compared certain information to each other, yet here you are! We agree it’s “too bad” they were taken away from us and send our regards to the families. It’s really too bad that there were not any armed/trained personnel there to stop them. You should be ashamed of yourself coming on here assuming things about other people when they are just comparing the facts and care about their civil rights! How dare you!

  3. I’m seeing way to much conflicting info, from sources all over the map. They can put any law they want to, on the books, it is a matter of enforcement. There are laws that already exist, to keep illegal weapons off the streets, but there they are. Also, wording is everything. Our government has used every kind of firearm designed, in the military. So all firearms are “Military Style Weapons”, a term even the VP has used in his interviews. Where will it stop? Who makes the definitions?

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