BREAKING NEWS: The Anunnaki Have Returned

Kyle Phillips

Details are still coming in, but the United Nations announced “The Anunnaki have come” in a press release this morning. Information on where they have landed if anywhere and how the initial contact was made but what we do know is as follows.

Obama nabiru

UN ambassador Mazlan Othman flew to an undisclosed location in Egypt where our visitors asked for initial talks with the extra terrestrials to be held. The Anunnaki representatives have also asked that the “Akhenaten” attend and after further discussion with the representative, it was apparent that by this they meant President Obama of the United States.

Information on why they have come to Earth is limited, but we do know that they chose this time because the orbit of their home planet Niburu only come close enough to earth once every 3600 years. The reason for their journey is still unknown, but there have been multiple claims of UFO sightings in the hours following their arrival over Johannesburg in South Africa and also in Nevada.

North Korea announced that they will declare war against the Anunnaki if they are not contacted by an ambassador within the week, and Russian officials say they are skeptical of their reasons for coming but other than that no nation has yet publicly addressed the matter. While not making a statement, the Vatican began arming its borders as recently denounced Catholics have started to riot outside of their walls.

We will be bringing you more information as it comes in throughout the day but for now we urge everyone to stay calm and to be with their families.

2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: The Anunnaki Have Returned

  1. I was really happy becuase i thought i found a website for free thinkers but then i read this and really got disapointed. Where are the sources? There is no way that this is true and like i mentioned earlier, it is really a disapointment for this website.

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