Last Minute G8 Change Not So Last Minute

So as I”m sure everyone has already heard, Obama made a ‘last minute’ change to the location of the G8.

I was going to call a ton of places and get statements from management but I really don’t think that is necessary considering the obviousness of this blatant lie. Do you really think pulling a global event wouldn’t make people mad? I’m not talking about the protesters….yet I’m talking about local business. I am very skeptical of the fact that not a single Chicago hotel (of which G8 and NATO combined would have filled 10,000 rooms), nor McCormick Place have made a single public complaint (as far as can be found) to the federal government for cancelling reservations and contracts that where negotiated months ago. On top of that it seems their is no coverage at all of whether this means Rom Emmanuel who was given an unlimited budget had been purchasing for both events thus far, you would think ordering double the amount of police training and equipment would be a huge deal considering the financial turmoil Illinois is in already.

There is generally no talk through the mainstream media at all over the fact that these companies and Rom MUST have known well ahead of time this was the plan, or the media is purposely not covering that aspect of this decision.

Documentary Update:

The G8 NATO documentary planned for May is still going to happen, Obviously now it will be on the NATO protests more than the G8 but nothing has changed and we will still be filming in Chicago the 19-21st!


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