911 Emergency: Text Help For Police Assistance

Police in the United states will soon be accepting text messages with video and text…omg.

Now if the police accepting picture and video text messages meant they would get rid of all the red light cameras and street microphones, I might be willing to talk, but we all know that’s never happening. In this world where everyone is breathing down everyone else’s neck looking for a crime, whether it be tax evasion smoking pot or your grass being too long Americans have been brainwashed into thinking policing your neighbors is a positive thing to do. But how could you not? With Janet Napolitano on Walmart view screens telling you the people around you could be terrorists and you should watch them, cameras everywhere, and shows like CSI showing you how everyone is a bad guy.

Today’s society is reminicent of the Salem witch trails in which everyone thought everyone else was a possible witch and over 20 people died at their friends and families hands. Not to get of subject but witches don’t exist…and neither to terrorists

A last note to the people out their who still have the mindset of  “I’m not doing anything wrong so I don’t care” or “good, now I can send evidence when I see a crime committed” consider this, historically legislation is improperly used and tweaked to become more and more abrasive as time goes by, look at how the patriot act is constantly being used in non terror cases.


You witness a man robbing a store, pull out your phone, take a video, and text it to police. When the criminal goes to court your phone is warranted and taken as evidence, while the police have your phone they look through all of your information and find that you have been visiting websites that illegally host pirated material, and now your in court explaining for yourself because you thought you where helping and doing the right thing.

The Police don’t see good people and bad people, they see a whole lot of potential terrorists.


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